May 282014

I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy ever since news broke about the show. While details were somewhat fuzzy on the show’s specific format, most people described it as a sci-fi version of Talk Soup. After watching the first episode, I have to agree that they were exactly right. So how did the show fare overall? Find out in our The Wil Wheaton Project first impressions.

To be totally honest, the show was a mixed bag. There were parts of the show that were really funny and had me chortling like Jabba the Hutt pulling on Princess Leia’s chain. The segments with Shawn Ashmore and Neil deGrasse Tyson were freaking hilarious. Moments like those was where the show really shined. I do really hope that they continue creating these fake segments for our viewing pleasure in the future.

The Wil Wheaton Project
What didn’t work as well was that the show tried to make every single line that was uttered a hilarious, over-the-top punch line. The Wil Wheaton Project tried too hard to be constantly funny instead of just letting the comedy ebb and flow. The bit where the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick came on was pretty painful to watch. The overall point is that the show tries to be hipster hip, and that is a huge mistake.

To most of America, geek culture isn’t that cool. Sure, they’ll go see the blockbuster Marvel movies and watch The Big Bang Theory, but geekdom is still a niche in today’s society. I personally don’t care if geekiness is cool or not, but we don’t have to force nerdom into looking or feeling hip in order to be validated. Just relax and let the pre-midi-chlorian Force flow.

I really hope that the show finds its stride pretty soon so they don’t feel like they have to push so hard to be constantly funny. Wil Wheaton can be pretty humorous, but he does come across as trying too hard. I also hope that they stray from the Tosh.0 format and be a little more original. There’s a huge potential for the show, but their current format may constrain that potential. How about covering some games, both video and tabletop? Con reports? There’s just so many different topics that can be brought up in a number of ways. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the next few episodes pan out. As it is, my The Wil Wheaton Project first impressions are just so-so. If it doesn’t get better, it’ll be stricken from my DVR record list.

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  1. Just saw the first show, Have to agree with you on several points you made. Have to watch some more to see how this goes. Still on the fence with this one.

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