May 072015

It’s amazing the sheer amount of TV shows that cater to geek culture that are now on the air. I’m old enough (I’m 45) to remember when we were lucky enough to get a single show in a given year, and now it seems that every network has at least one show that us geeks and nerds love. Yet I’m always hesitant to start watching a new show that others are telling me is really good. The reason is that it always seems that once I get hooked on a show, it gets cancelled. Years ago, it was bad enough, but at least there were no lingering plot lines left to speculate over as most shows featured self-contained episodes. That’s totally different today as most sci-fi TV shows have seasons that end on a cliffhanger and where story and character arcs are revealed over multiple seasons.

Almost Human
The number of sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows that were cancelled before their time is legion. The most recent example is SyFy’s Helix. I really loved that show as it dared to zig and zag throughout each season. You would think that you had everything figured out, but then the show would abruptly change course and surprise you. The second season was better than the first (in my opinion), but low ratings (and a lack of support from SyFy) led to the show’s cancellation just a few weeks after the second season ended.

Like most of you, I’m tired of emotionally committing to show, and then having that show yanked off the airwaves with unresolved plots, character development, and more. I now normally wait until at least the second season to being watching a TV show lest it gets canned during its initial season. I broke that rule earlier last year to watch Almost Human with Karl Urban. I liked that show a lot. I admit that it was a little uneven towards the beginning, but it was picking up steam and the world that was being shown was extremely interesting. Now all that potential is gone as the show was cancelled.

The list of cancelled shows is pretty long. We have Almost Human, Jericho, Alphas, Farscape, Space: Above and Beyond, Dark Angel, The Cape, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., and the poster child of cancelled geek shows, Firefly. Heck, I could probably write an entire article just on the shows cancelled by the SyFy channel before their time. Just for once, I would love to know that a show would be on the air for four to five years so I could just enjoy watching it and not worry about whether it’ll be on the following week or not.

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