Mar 312014

It seems that Warner Bros. is getting aggressive with the DC superhero license and is planning on ramping up production on films and tv series. The CEO of Warner Bros., Kevin Tsujihara, told The New York Times that a “film series” is in the works along with multiple tv shows. On the small screen, we have The Flash and Gotham coming to the CW and Fox, and another series is going to be announced in the future. On the film front, it appears that Warner Bros. is trying to build a shared universe for DC characters in a similar vein to what Marvel has done. They started this with Man of Steel and continue it with the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, to be followed by a Justice League movie.

Justice League
I’m glad to see that Warner Bros. is seeing the light and following the lead of Marvel in this regard. The main difference though is that the studio has not had a good track record of creating stand-alone movies that get audiences familiar with characters outside of Batman and Superman. (Green Lantern was especially atrocious.) The consensus seems to be that Warner Bros. will use the Justice League movies as tentpoles, releasing them every few years. I really hope that they try to build franchises around other DC characters, such as Wonder Woman. Still, DC superheroes have a good track record on tv at the least. Fans had Smallville for quite a few years, and now there’s the success of Arrow. The main problem with these characters spread out across different networks is that there’ll be no cohesion to make them all parts of the greater DC universe whole.

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