Apr 222015
They Should Rename Me-TV as Geek-TV

I admit that I’m a huge fan of retro programming. While there are a lot of great shows on today, there’s just something about older shows that take me back to my childhood. Besides the nostalgia factor, I also enjoy that each episode of most classic TV shows were self-contained. You can pick up and [Read more…]

Jun 142014
Slew of DC Movies Coming Our Way

Warner Bros has had a schedule of DC movies leaked to the Nikki Finke website, and it looks like there’s a bunch of them coming our way. It finally looks like Warner Bros is taking the DC characters seriously after seeing the success that Marvel has done with their films. The only thing I’m worrying [Read more…]

Apr 292014
Warner Bros Developing Nine DC Movies

We all know the incredible success Marvel has had with their films in the last few years, not to mention the properties that they don’t control the movie rights to (Spider-Man and the X-Men). While there have been some successful DC movies, they haven’t had the cohesion and thought put behind them as the Marvel [Read more…]

Apr 282014
Zack Snyder to Direct Justice League Movie

In news that isn’t totally unexpected, it was announced today that Zack Snyder will direct the upcoming Justice League movie. The film that he is currently working on in pre-production is the second Superman film he’s helmed, Superman vs. Batman, which is serving as a Justice League prequel. Superman vs. Batman is having a good [Read more…]

Apr 252014
Cyborg Added to Batman vs Superman Movie

It seems that every few weeks, another detail emerges that makes the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie look like a prequel Justice League one. The latest news from Variety is that Cyborg has been added to the film. We already have Wonder Woman being portrayed by Gal Gadot, and now Ray Fisher has been signed [Read more…]

Mar 182014
New Infinite Crisis Trailer Released

The latest trailer for Turbine’s DC Comics based moba game, Infinite Crisis, has been released. It’s quite a doozy and almost makes me want to sign up and start playing. The Infinite Crisis trailer asks “what do you fight for?” as we get to see superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and [Read more…]