Jun 052014
Hilarious Tabletop Video Has Felicia Day Crushing Wil Wheaton

There’s so many great geeky things out there either on tv, the movies, or on the web, that makes it hard to keep abreast of everything. There’s only so many hours in the day, but I think I may have found a new addiction. I’m talking about Geek & Sundry’s Tabletop videos where a group [Read more…]

Jun 052014
The Wil Wheaton Project Impressions - Episode Two

The second episode of The Wil Wheaton Project has aired, and I just finished viewing it off my DVR. As you may recall last week, my initial thoughts on the show was mixed. I hadn’t fully realized that it was essentially going to be a geek version of Talk Soup, and much of the humor [Read more…]

May 282014
The Wil Wheaton Project First Impressions

I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy ever since news broke about the show. While details were somewhat fuzzy on the show’s specific format, most people described it as a sci-fi version of Talk Soup. After watching the first episode, I have to agree that they were exactly [Read more…]

May 272014
The Wil Wheaton Project and New Season of Heroes of Cosplay Tonight on SyFy

The new season of Heroes of Cosplay as well as the debut of The Wil Wheaton Project are debuting tonight on SyFy. I’m getting the DVR fired up as well as popping some popcorn to see how the two shows will pan out. I must admit that I’m looking more forward to Heroes of Cosplay [Read more…]