Aug 132015
Does the Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer Give Us Hope?

Whovians are going into a frenzy now that the second Doctor Who season 9 trailer has dropped. Quite a number of people have written detailed articles on a frame-by-frame examination of the trailer and what anything shown in it could possibly mean for our favorite Time Lord. I have to admit that there’s a lot [Read more…]

May 202015
Steven Moffat Staying Through Doctor Who Series 10

It appears that Steven Moffat is staying put at Doctor Who for the foreseeable future. It’s been reported that the BBC has signed him to stay through season 10. Moffat imparted the news at an event in New York, where he said that he had “just signed up for another year.” While some are cheering [Read more…]

May 112015
Doctor Who Materializing in Lego Dimensions

The upcoming Lego Dimensions game is getting a lot of press, especially with the recent expansion packs that have been announced. This game, slated for a September release, is going to go head-to-head with Disney’s Infinity system in a battle for your wallet. Grabbing sci-fi fans’ attention was the announcement today that there was going [Read more…]

Nov 112014
Has Doctor Who Jumped the Shark?

Series eight for Doctor Who has seen its share of ups and downs. There have been some interesting stories told, such as Time Heist, but the majority of episodes have been lackluster. I’ve been involved in a running debate with my oldest friend about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He’s not sold on him, but [Read more…]

May 262014
Fan Made Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Looks Amazing

When late last week it was announced throughout the web that the BBC had released a teaser trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, I was excited. Needless to say, that excitement quickly passed faster than a Dalek’s attempt to understand the concept of humor or sharing. The official trailer had only one redeeming [Read more…]