May 122014
NBC Releases Official Constantine Trailer

Hellblazer was a truly groundbreaking comic when it was first published way back in the 1980s by DC Comics. Instead of the normal spandex-clad superhero that fought for justice, we got an obnoxious occultist that seemed to almost revel in the seamy world he inhabited. John Constantine was a chain-smoking, arrogant bastard that would flip [Read more…]

Apr 192014
Hayden Panettiere Not Returning to Heroes: Reborn

So far, no cast announcements have been made for the new Heroes series coming to NBC in 2015. Heroes: Reborn will be a 13 episode series, and it was revealed today that the central character of the original show, cheerleader Claire Bennet, has not been asked to join the new series. Hayden Panettiere was quoted [Read more…]

Feb 242014
Heroes Coming Back as Miniseries

It was announced earlier today that NBC is bringing Heroes back in 2015. They have ordered a 13 episode miniseries that is helmed by the show’s creator, Tim Kring. While the show started strong when it debuted in 2006, it quickly faded as many felt the show’s quality went downhill. It’ll be interesting to see [Read more…]