Jun 112015
Christopher Lee Passes Away at Age 93

Sad news today as it’s being reported that the mighty Christopher Lee passed away a few days ago at the age of 93. Like many of those of my generation, my introduction to him was through the many Hammer horror films that he made, especially the Dracula movies. While Bela Lugosi will always be my [Read more…]

Apr 242015
These Are the Damned Review (1963)

One of the movie studios that I adore is Hammer, the British movie company that put out a lot of great horror films from the 1950s through the 1970s. While horror was their bread-and-butter, they did put out the occasional sci-fi flick as well. One of those was These Are the Damned that was released [Read more…]

May 262014
Classic Horror - The Devil Rides Out Review (1968)

Christopher Lee actually plays the good guy as a man seeking to save his friend from Satanic worshippers in The Devil Rides Out. Featuring a very strong cast, this film was released in 1968 by the esteemed Hammer horror studio and is known in the United States as The Devil’s Bride. So does Christopher Lee [Read more…]

May 222014
Classic Horror - Dracula: Prince of Darkness Review (1966)

Christopher Lee returns as the immortal count in the third Dracula picture by Hammer, Dracula: Prince of Darkness. Released in 1966, the movie opens by showing Dracula’s demise at the hands of Van Helsing from the first Hammer Dracula film. Ten years pass, and two English couples are touring the Carpathians to broaden their minds [Read more…]

Mar 222014
Review: Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)

Dracula returns yet again to menace comely young lasses and those who dare to oppose him in Dracula Has Risen from the Grave. Released in 1968, this is the fourth Dracula move made by the venerable Hammer Films and marks the third time that Christopher Lee played Dracula. Set in 1906, Dracula is awakened when [Read more…]

Mar 142014
The Quiet Ones Trailer from Hammer

The resurrection of the Hammer horror studio has been pleasantly rewarding and creepy. Normally when a beloved institution comes back from the dead, it’s usually just an echo of their former glory. However, such has not been the case with Hammer, especially with films like The Woman in Black. Their latest film offers some horror [Read more…]