May 072014
The Bill Finger Batman Saga Continues

The sad reality of the comic book industry is that many creators have gone unrecognized for their contributions that they made. One such case is Bill Finger, who many credit as being a co-creator, along with Bob Kane, of DC Comic’s Batman. The topic has come up again recently as the new Batman-themed series, Gotham, [Read more…]

May 062014
Full Gotham Trailer Released

Fox has released snippets of the upcoming Gotham series that teased Batman fans, but we now have a much better look at the series as a full Gotham trailer has been released. Right away, we can see that the city of Gotham is mired in crime and despair, and it appears that the series quickly [Read more…]

Mar 312014
Warner Bros. to be Aggressive with DC Comics Superhero Films

It seems that Warner Bros. is getting aggressive with the DC superhero license and is planning on ramping up production on films and tv series. The CEO of Warner Bros., Kevin Tsujihara, told The New York Times that a “film series” is in the works along with multiple tv shows. On the small screen, we [Read more…]

Mar 272014
Batman 75th Anniversary Logo Revealed

DC Comics is celebrating 75 years of Batman with a host of festivities. The first is that the Batman 75th anniversary logo has been revealed, showing the famous bat logo with the number 75 embossed over it. Personally, I’m not taken with the logo at all and think it’s kind of lame. You would expect [Read more…]