Jun 142014
Slew of DC Movies Coming Our Way

Warner Bros has had a schedule of DC movies leaked to the Nikki Finke website, and it looks like there’s a bunch of them coming our way. It finally looks like Warner Bros is taking the DC characters seriously after seeing the success that Marvel has done with their films. The only thing I’m worrying [Read more…]

May 122014
NBC Releases Official Constantine Trailer

Hellblazer was a truly groundbreaking comic when it was first published way back in the 1980s by DC Comics. Instead of the normal spandex-clad superhero that fought for justice, we got an obnoxious occultist that seemed to almost revel in the seamy world he inhabited. John Constantine was a chain-smoking, arrogant bastard that would flip [Read more…]

May 072014
The Bill Finger Batman Saga Continues

The sad reality of the comic book industry is that many creators have gone unrecognized for their contributions that they made. One such case is Bill Finger, who many credit as being a co-creator, along with Bob Kane, of DC Comic’s Batman. The topic has come up again recently as the new Batman-themed series, Gotham, [Read more…]

Apr 292014
Warner Bros Developing Nine DC Movies

We all know the incredible success Marvel has had with their films in the last few years, not to mention the properties that they don’t control the movie rights to (Spider-Man and the X-Men). While there have been some successful DC movies, they haven’t had the cohesion and thought put behind them as the Marvel [Read more…]