Jun 102015
Chewbacca Script Shows Han Shot First

One of the most discussed and hated bits about the special edition of Star Wars is where George Lucas changed the scene where Han Solo killed Greedo in the cantina. As someone who saw the original movie during it’s initial theatrical run in 1977, I can say that this scene was pivotal in showing that [Read more…]

Apr 172015
The Latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Gives Me Goose Bumps

My desire for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is reaching a fever pitch. The latest trailer was debuted at the Celebration convention, and it literally gives me goose bumps. I really, really hope that the movie lives up to the hype because I can’t stand any more soul-crushing like I endured watching the [Read more…]

May 222014
Peter Mayhew Celebrates Birthday with Chewbacca Cake

We wish to offer our birthday wishes to Peter Mayhew, who had his earlier this week. While he was at Star Wars Weekends at Disney, he got a special birthday cake. In fact, a really awesome looking Chewbacca cake, complete with furry frosting and bandolier. I’ve been fortunate to attend a number of panels over [Read more…]