Aug 252015
Fear the Walking Dead Review - Pilot Episode

Fans, including myself, have been eagerly anticipating the prequel series to The Walking Dead that would showcase the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, but this time the location would be the urban center of Los Angeles. The pilot episode broke cable records with over ten million viewers for AMC, but did it live up [Read more…]

Apr 022014
The Walking Dead Season Four Review

Events take drastic turns in season four of The Walking Dead. In a sure sign of how future seasons are going to be handled, season four was essentially split into two distinct parts. Both story arcs had a number of key differences, especially in tone and urgency, but both were quite strong and cemented this [Read more…]

Apr 012014
The Walking Dead Cancelled as English Actors Quit Series

In a stunning development for The Walking Dead, the hit AMC show, it appears that the show is in production limbo and is in jeopardy of being cancelled. The reason is that the English actors on the show wish to leave and return to their native country. This bombshell erupted as the show was gearing [Read more…]