Feb 272014

In a boon for sci-fi fans, issues of the Starlog magazine can be found at the Internet Archive. For us older fans, Starlog was the magazine that catered to geeks long before it became cool to do so. It specialized in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and kept readers abreast of the latest news of ongoing tv shows and upcoming movies. Starlog also served as a treasure trove of interviews, ranging from authors to actors. Whether you were a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Space: 1999, and any other show, you would find something of value within its pages. In its time, there was no better geek magazine out there than Starlog. Now you can read hundreds of issues here at the Internet Archive.

Just glanced through the first issue from 1976. Half the magazine is devoted to Star Trek, but there are articles on King Kong, The Bionic Woman, and Space: 1999. I’m looking forward to reading many more as my original collection was lost long ago.


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