Jul 242015

One thing I used to enjoy when SyFy was the Sci-Fi Channel was when they devoted an entire night of programming to some decent shows. That hasn’t been the case for the last few years as most nights usually only have one good show (at best!). Friday night used to be a good night to watch some sci-fi, but once the channel started showing WWE wrestling, all that changed. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Smackdown got moved to a different night, and now we have three quality sci-fi shows in a row. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying the SyFy Friday night lineup.

The three shows that comprise the SyFy Friday night lineup are Defiance, Killjoys, and Dark Matter. I’ve been a Defiance fan since the beginning, with only the thought that SyFy has devoted so much money to that show that it hurt Warehouse 13 being the only negative. This season started off a little roughly with some character deaths, and Nolan seemed to be acting out of character in the pilot. However, things have smoothed out, and the villain this season is highly effective as he is both menacing and somewhat insane. The introduction of the Omecs has been interesting and I wonder how far they’ll go to show how perverse and evil their race actually is.

Killjoys cast
Defiance was a proven commodity, but the new shows could have been terrible. Lucky for us, they’re actually pretty good. Dark Matter had the better opening but stumbled a bit with the filler episode of the ship’s android getting zapped. Otherwise, the show has been rather interesting, but I hope that they solve the mystery of how their memories got wiped by the end of this season or the next. There’s nothing worse than having a mystery that just drags on and on. It’s also amusing that they keep calling Five a kid when the actress is actually twenty and does not look like a child. It makes me think of Doctor Who when Zoe was a companion to the second Doctor. She was supposed to be twelve in the story, but it was fairly obvious that she wasn’t since she spent most of her tenure wearing a form-fitting catsuit.

The real surprise of the SyFy Friday night lineup is Killjoys. This show has really grabbed me by the throat. It has a very detailed setting that has been slowly revealed over the first few episodes. The dynamic between the three main characters is spot on, and there’s plenty of action without all the hand-wringing and moralizing that a lot of shows do. I’m really intrigued for the show to delve deeper into the society that exists in that corner of space. Plus, it’s nice to have starship interiors that aren’t wreathed in shadows for once.

It is true that I often rail at SyFy, which I do for good reason. They are terrible at promoting their shows, and the fact that they yank them off the air once the season is done really kills any momentum on sustaining or increasing the viewer base. Yet I have to give them props for their SyFy Friday night lineup. We’re getting three good sci-fi shows on a single night. When was the last time such a thing happened?

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