Jun 102014
A Salute to Star Trek Engineers

We’re all aware of the running joke that the worst job in Starfleet is to wear the infamous red shirt. In many episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, you knew who the first manĀ  on the landing party that was going to bite the dust as soon as you saw a man wearing a [Read more…]

Jun 102014
Star Trek Destination 3 Announces Lineup

The Star Trek Destination 3 lineup was announced recently as tickets for the event went on sale. Star Trek fans will be in a dither with the amazing amount of Star Trek alumni that will be coming to the London-based event. Destination 3 will happen from October 3rd through the 5th. The major stars headlining [Read more…]

Jun 072014
Warehouse 13 Season Five Review (2014)

It was with a heavy heart that I finally sat down and watched the final season of Warehouse 13. I love the show dearly and watched it from the very beginning. Like many other fans, I’ve cursed SyFy for moving the show around and doing everything possible to kill it. When they announced that the [Read more…]

Jun 062014
Cosplay Pic of the Day

Our cosplay pic of the day is the Riddler, the enigmatic foe of Batman. The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2010. Click on the post to view the full image. I really like this cosplay as the Riddler is always so distinctive. Only Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor has more question marks on his outfit!