Feb 262014

Overall, I have liked Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but there have been a few things that have disappointed me. The primary sadness is the lack of cameos of other Marvel characters that could spice up the narrative. I understand that the show wants to focus on the core team and let their characters develop, but they feel somewhat disconnected to the Marvel universe as a whole. Seeing Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of one of early episodes really got me jacked, but so far, that’s beenĀ  about it. Even having news reports in the background of other superheroes fighting or the team dealing with a minor villain from the comics would be intriguing.

However, it looks like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is starting to listen. In the fifteenth episode entitled “Yes Men”, Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) from the Thor movies, will make an appearance as she goes after Lorelei (Elena Satine). The plot for the episode is as follows, “When Coulson and his team are attacked by Lorelei, a deadly seductress who escaped from Asgard, Thor’s Lady Sif, her longtime nemesis, steps in to try to save them.” I really hope the action is well done. I know fans were expecting some crossovers from the various films, and I hope that this starts a trend.

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