Jun 192014

It just seems that the Dragon Con lineup for 2014 just gets better and better. Just a couple of months ago, I was not terribly excited over the list of the guests that would be attending the con in late August. Yet, I wasn’t disheartened as I know that the last few months before the con is when the major stars are locked down. This year is no exception as it was announced late yesterday that the mighty Karl Urban had joined the Dragon Con lineup.

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this news makes me. I’ve been a fan of Karl Urban for a long time. Even if the movie he’s in is totally crappy (I’m looking at you, Doom), he’s still very good. Plus, he’s been in an incredible run of good movies. He was in The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Riddick, Star Trek, RED, and the insanely awesome Dredd. I enjoyed his Almost Human series, which meant the usual kiss of death as it was not picked up for a second season.

Karl Urban
Karl Urban joins a Dragon Con lineup that has me pumped up for the con. First off, there’s Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman from Land of the Lost. I grew up watching the show and am ecstatic to catch their panel on the show. Who doesn’t love the Sleestak? Then there’s Colin Baker from Doctor Who. This is the third straight year that we’ve had a different Doctor at the con (although Sylvester McCoy has been a regular for the last few years). As Doctor Who is my favorite show of all time, I will definitely be catching a panel or two of his show.

Then there’s the Warehouse 13 panel that will have Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, and Allison Scagliotti (for the first time). Still can’t believe that SyFy ended the show (shakes fist in anger!). Peter Weller of Robocop and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai will be attending. Perhaps one day my dream of a Buckaroo Banzai sequel will come to fruition. For classic sci-fi, Gil Gerard and Erin Gray of Buck Rogers return, and for comedy, we get Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I know that are some others that I’m not listing, but you get the point. The Dragon Con lineup is getting so full, it’s practically bloated. It’s going to be a hell of a convention come Labor Day.

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