Apr 042014

It’s official as SyFy has announced that another season of Heroes of Cosplay is coming our way. The series will return on May 27th and will serve as the lead-in for the Wil Wheaton Project. I have to confess that I enjoyed the first season despite the manufactured drama and the false premise of cosplay competitions can lead to riches. It would be more interesting if the show focused a bit more on the creation of the outfits that the cosplayers create.

Still, anything that brings cosplay to the attention of the masses is a good thing. No official word on the casting, but I assume that Yaya Han will be back, especially as the casting took place in Atlanta. This could also mean that we could also see Riki LeCotey and Monika Lee as well. It’ll be interesting to see who the new faces will be on Heroes of Cosplay.

Heroes of Cosplay

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