Mar 192015

We all know that SyFy shows are either hit or miss. I’m glad to say that Helix is one of those that’s a hit and actually radiates quality. What has really gotten to me about the show is that it’s not afraid to suddenly veer off in some crazy direction that you never saw coming. We got this in season one where the show introduced immortals and the fact that it was those immortals who were behind the development of the contagion that the CDC team was investigating. This craziness that will pop out of seemingly nowhere has returned in season two of the show. [Stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers!]

Helix season two

Steve Weber steals the show as the villainous Brother Michael.

As with any show or movie that deals with diseases or plagues, the setting has to be contained. Helix had an arctic research base in the first season, but this season finds our intrepid team (now led by the traitorous Peter Farragut and joined by Kyle Sommers) on an island where a group has sealed themselves off from the outside world. The leader of this group, or cult, is Brother Michael (superbly played by Steven Weber).

The weirdness starts with the first episode where the CDC team is investigating a contagion in the present day, but Julia Walker (now a member of Ilaria) lands on the island thirty years in the future. A little bit jarring at first, but you get used to it after a while.

I had gotten used to the storyline when Helix decided to go off the rails again, albeit in a great way. We learn that Brother Michael is an immortal who has been leading the group for over 400 years. We also learn that he’s trying to breed immortality by having a child with his daughters over the years, and, with each successive generation, he’s getting closer to that goal. Sarah Jordan has her unborn child (who is immortal) forcibly removed from her, and Brother Michael decides he needs to thin the orchard and start over again by killing all the people in the group save his daughters. That scene was incredibly chilling, especially when he gave a cup of poison to the little boy and then smiled as the boy drank it.

Helix season two

What could go wrong on an isolated island inhabited by a cult?

That’s what I really like about Helix. You think you have the entire situation figured out, and the show careens off the road in a totally different direction. I thought we would have Brother Michael stick around until the end of the season but getting his head lopped off ended that thought. We also got a closer look at the inner workings of Ilaria and their plans on controlling the human race. Helix has a potential to be a solid show for several more years at least. I thought the show originally was going to be a zombie-themed one, but that changed dramatically when the immortals stormed into the show. Overall, Helix has been refreshingly unique and a breath of fresh air.

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