Mar 222015

There are few roles that are not only iconic in sci-fi lore but also had an immeasurable impact upon me growing up. One of those roles was Captain Kirk from Star Trek, and I would just like to wish William Shatner a happy birthday today. It’s amazing that at 84 years old, that he has so much energy within him. I’m sure that it’s a bittersweet birthday for him as Leonard Nimoy had recently passed away.

William Shatner
I know many people love to throw stones at William Shatner for a variety of reasons, but I’m not one of them. I fully understand that he fought for every second of screen time and every line of dialogue in order to forge a career. The world of Hollywood is somewhat different today than it was back in the 1960s where if someone let themselves be pushed aside during production, then it could wind up killing their career. My personal belief is that a lot of the bitterness directed towards him is due to professional jealousy. While many Star Trek alumni have found little work after the series, Shatner managed to carve out a successful and lucrative career.

Shatner eventually worked on a number of popular TV shows, such as T. J. Hooker, Rescue 911, and Boston Legal. He’s always worked hard and hustled to get where he is today. We have to remember that he fell on hard times after Star Trek. He lost his house and was living in a truck bed camper until he finally managed to claw his way back. A hard pill to swallow when you have to support a family.

Still, William Shatner as Captain Kirk is the definitive Star Trek captain to me. His portrayal is a testament to the intrepid explorers of the past as Shatner’s Kirk embodied curiosity, courage, and a steadfast aura of command. While desiring peace, he was always willing to defend his crew and fight for what was right. Shatner is also an entertaining guest at any convention. I’ve caught him several times at Dragon Con, and his panel is always worth attending. I still have fond memories of seeing him and Leonard Nimoy together at Dragon Con back in 2009. My hope is that he has many more happy birthdays left to him.

  3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to William Shatner”

  1. One of the funniest jesters I’ve ever seen that doesn’t even try to be funny! With his rigid and jerky over acting and his closet full of toupees this guy will have you in stitches every time his shirt rips or he’s pummeling you with his two-fisted atomic punch! Happy Barfday! Hee hee! Ho ho! Ha ha!

    ‘The jester is an annoying fellow…’

  2. Him so pretty! Me shuffle back and forth and show him how goody me dance with me lumpy boil back! Me big star now!

    No kill I!

  3. Now this man is a true warrior! He can give a punch and take one too! This is one man I’d rather have as a friend than enemy to be sure. The gods of luck shower their blessings on him eternally. It would be an honor to share a nice tankard of Romulan space ale with him and join him in battle with my trusty vibro-axe!

    Grum is not dum!

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