Jun 082015

We happily extend a happy birthday to Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor of the classic Doctor Who era. It’s amazing to think that he’s 72 years old today as he definitely does not look it. His turn as the Doctor was quite an interesting one, but it started off very rocky with the decision to make him highly erratic, as seen when he tried to strangle Peri. Still, he comfortably settled in and had a number of really good, albeit very gritty, stories. (Attack of the Cybermen, Vengeance on Varos, and Revelation of the Daleks are all superb stories.) I always felt that Colin Baker was cheated as the show went on hiatus during his tenure, and he was essentially fired when his three year contract was up. He famously refused to come back to film the regeneration scene, thus forcing Sylvester McCoy to wear a blonde wig. It’s a shame as I really liked his take on the Doctor, making him more irritable and autocratic than the previous couple of incarnations.

Doctor Who Colin Baker
If you ever get the chance to meet Colin Baker or attend a panel that he’s on, I would recommend that you do so. He’s incredibly entertaining and has a wicked sense of humor. He’s also very grateful to the fans who have supported his interpretation of the Doctor over the years. The last couple of years has seen him make a few appearances at American conventions, and I was lucky enough to catch him last year at Dragon Con. In fact, I caught his panel twice because he was so damn funny, and he had a number of stories about Peter Davison as their children went to the same school together. Naturally, I made sure that I got his autograph before the convention ended. (He was one of the very first that I grabbed because I didn’t want to miss out getting an autograph from a Doctor.) Again, happy birthday to Colin Baker, and we hope that he has many more to come.

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