Jun 252014

It seems that the turf war between Los Angeles and San Francisco on who would have a museum dedicated to George Lucas has ended, and the fact remains that neither of them was the winner. In an upset almost worthy of the Rebels blowing up the Death Star, it was announced that the George Lucas museum would have a home in Chicago. The full name of the museum is the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and it will house a collection of fine art and Hollywood memorabilia.

George Lucas
A newspaper article notes, “The selection was something of a surprise, given Lucas’ close ties to San Francisco and California — he is a native of the state, Lucasfilm’s visual effects division is based in The City, and the headquarters for Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound is across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. Los Angeles also bid for the museum. Lucas originally sought to locate the museum in the Presidio, where Lucasfilm is based, as part of the Presidio Trust’s redesign efforts for the old commissary site near Crissy Field. His proposal competed with two other ideas, but in the end none of the projects was chosen. The Presidio Trust also offered up another site in the national park before the Chicago decision was announced.”

I’m actually surprised by this decision as Lucas has many long-standing ties in California. However, I’m sure that he’s getting a nice tax write-off or kickback from Chicago. Lucas has always had an eye on what’s best for George Lucas, despite lecturing us on how we should all be paying higher taxes. (He then sold Star Wars to Disney while a grace period on taxation was in effect, thus saving him hundreds of millions. Tax breaks for me, but not for thee, peasants!) Still, it’ll be interesting to see the final layout of the George Lucas museum. He was once a great filmmaker, but his work in the last decade plus has been abysmal. Yet I have to give the man his due as he brought Star Wars and Indiana Jones into my life. For that, us geeks should always be grateful.

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  1. I’m sure it will be as empty as his gigantic head! Or maybe it’s full of all the hopes and dreams and joy he destroyed by making those abominable prequels! Oh, wait! Those are my favorite movies of all time! Just kidding! Even I’m not as insane as the dangerously demented and mongoloid jester, Darth George! Hee hee! Ho ho! Ha ha!

    ‘The jester is an annoying fellow…’

  2. George Mucus stink like me dilithium crystal poops! Me shuffle around for 90 minute better than him movie! Me big star now!

    No kill I!

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