Mar 032014

Kickstarter has announced that they’ve reached over a billion dollars of funding with thousands of projects. The largest slice of the funding pie went to games, both digital and non-digital. Overall, this is tremendous news and is a significant boon to gamers. The funding for games has increased every year on Kickstarter.

  • 2009 – $48,190
  • 2010 – $519,885
  • 2011 – $3,615,841
  • 2012 – $50,330,275
  • 2013 – $215, 750,000

You’ll still need to be careful of who you fund and be aware that funding a game does not automatically mean it will be completed. There are projects that never come to fruition despite being funded. Still, this is an exciting time to be a gamer. With the rise of Kickstarter, developers no longer have to rely upon a game company to facilitate the making of a game. A number of successful mmos have gotten a great deal of independent funding, such as Star Citizen.

What really makes Kickstarter such a boon is that players can truly show their support for a particular game. We’re all guilty of complaining about the lack of diversity of games, whether it’s a video game, board game, or roleplaying game. Now someone with a great idea can work on a mock-up and then pitch the idea directly to us consumers. If enough people are interested, then that game can become a reality. It’s a great win-win as game creators can push ideas that the mainstream game companies won’t do and us gamers get the ability to help fund new games that we can play when they’re finished. There are so many interesting projects that have been funded such as board games, miniatures, and online games. I just wish I had more dough to get involved in some of these projects. Sigh…

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