Jun 132015

One aspect of mmo games that I really love are the special events that occur at certain points of the year. My latest addiction is taking part in the Star Trek Online summer event, which is held on the planet Risia. This event lasts over a month and features a reputation reward (which you have to do a daily task to grind for) of a Tier 6 ship.

StarTrek Online summer event
What I really like about the Star Trek Online summer event, also known as the Lohlunat Festival, is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. There’s no crazed computers to fight or worlds to save. Instead, there’s just gorgeous sunsets and lots of beach-style activities to partake of. You can build various sand castles on the beach, take part in a hoverboard race (a hovering surfboard contraption), and hunt for hidden statues. My favorite activity is the dance off that occurs every hour. All of these activities reward you with tokens that you can redeem for gear. This is where my crazed obsession comes into play. Last year there were basic swimwear outfits to pick up, as well as different hoverboards and floaters (rocket packs that you use to fly around). This year they added a bunch of new clothing options and some pets too. For some reason, I just got to nab every possible outfit for my Andorian captain.

Speaking of pets, players can research and raise tropical birds and monkeys as pets during the Star Trek Online summer event. I’m raising quite a few but lamenting the fact that they take up inventory space. Still, I’m having fun exploring the island and grabbing all the achievements. Plus, it’s just darn cool to have my Andorian captain relaxing on the beach as the sun sets. Hop into the Star Trek Online summer event while it lasts. It goes away on July 16th.

Star Trek Online summer event dance off

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