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This Dragon Con 2015 roundup is way, way overdue. As I’ve expressed in an earlier post, I stepped away from Starbasegeek for a few months due to a variety of reasons. I’m back now and figured it was high time to share my thoughts on the most recent Dragon Con. While I lived through the experience, it definitely left a mark on me! (Note to self: get a flu shot before next year’s convention.) This review is broken into daily parts. Before I begin, let me stress if you’ve never been to Dragon Con, you owe it yourself to go. I save up all year to go, and it is literally my Christmas, vacation, and birthday all rolled up as one as it is the only time of year I get to leave home and just relax. Now let’s start my Dragon Con 2015 roundup!

Dragon Con 2015 : Starbasegeek

Having healthy snacks at a convention is always a priority.

As always, I drove up to stay at my sister’s house the night before my brother and I left to go to Dragon Con in Atlanta. From her house in central-north Florida (which is only ten minutes from my brother’s home), it’s about a six hour drive to Atlanta. My brother and I have travelling down to a fine science. On Wednesday, we bought all our food and packed our suitcases. On Thursday morning, I rolled out of bed (not a morning person!) at about 6:30am. Got showered, dressed, threw my stuff into the car, and then reached my brother’s home at about 8:15ish. We loaded up the cooler chests (for our sodas and cold cuts), picked up ten bags of ice to fill the cooler chests (one is small while the other is huge and weighs a ton when fully loaded), and then hit the open road.

We made a few pit stops along the way as my brother has the bladder of an eight-year old girl, plus we ate lunch at McDonalds, and then hit Atlanta at about 2:30ish. We had directions printed out as we were staying across the street from the Westin but got lost due to the fact that Atlanta changed one of the street names. Naturally, MapQuest did not have this change noted, so we drove around a bit before my smart phone led us to the hotel. Once there, we took our stuff up to the room, and my brother went and grabbed our badges. Once he came back, I wrote down all the panels we would be interested in while he took a nap. We don’t like to pre-plan our Dragon Con experience as we want to be surprised (we do know which guests are coming), and there’s nothing like the thrill of anticipation and discovery. Once he woke up, we finalized our schedules. I do have to note that we only see a few panels together. While we share many interests, we do have different fandoms we enjoy.

Dragon Con 2015 : Starbasegeek

Some Dragon Con goers making merry. Is some phantom causing trouble?

After the schedules were done, we headed down to the Marriott Marquis to hang out and catch the cosplay action going on. I have to say that the before-con action gets bigger and bigger with every passing year. I went and saw Hank West & the Smokin’ Hots perform. They put on a great show despite the fact that the airline delayed them terribly, leaving them only about twenty minutes to get ready. After the show, I walked around a bit and then headed back to my hotel room to get some sleep. I don’t do the stay-up-all-night thing as that would totally kill me now.

Overall, the first (unofficial) day of Dragon Con 2015 went off without a hitch. As I fell asleep, I was looking forward to the con starting in earnest.

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