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My Dragon Con 2015 roundup continues with Friday. I woke up at 8am and got ready to hit the mean streets of Atlanta. My brother and I both went to see Julian Glover in the Hilton Grand Ballroom as we both want to see the older actors we enjoyed so much while growing up. Julian Glover is known for being in The Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Doctor Who, and For Your Eyes Only. Julian Glover was an absolute hoot and talked about his extensive acting history in British cinema. I had forgotten that he had been on The Avengers a few times until the moderator pointed that out. The best part of the panel was when he talked about seeing all the people in cosplay. Like most older British actors, he has not attended conventions on a regular basis. He cracked up the crowd when he talked about one woman’s costume where he said, “I was waiting for her titties to come popping out!” with a mischievous grin on his face. The one negative for the panel was that the Dragon Con volunteers made us wait in line until about two minutes before the panel officially began. For the life of me, I don’t understand why they do this, especially for the very first panel of the day. It’s like some sadistic game of making you wait until the last minute to start funneling people in, resulting in people streaming in for the first twenty minutes of the panel.

After Julian Glover, I headed over to the Hyatt to see the Warehouse 13 panel with Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly. I’ve loved the show since the beginning and wanted to see them one last time since the show had been cancelled. (Curse you, SyFy!) An entertaining panel, especially as Eddie kept the humor flowing and wanting praise for his physique. They talked about how much love the entire cast and crew had for the show and each other. Joanne Kelly told a questioner that she would have been fine with Myka ending up with either Pete or H.G. Wells. Interesting.

Jim Butcher : Starbasegeek

Jim Butcher is always gracious.

After Warehouse 13, I made my way back to the Hilton to see the 2001: A Space Odyssey panel with Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea. I enjoyed this panel immensely for several reasons. The first is that I just walked in and sat down in the second row. Apparently, the Dragon Con volunteers were forcing people to stand in line again, but I somehow penetrated their defenses without knowing it. Secondly, I sat down behind two older men who were talking about the aches and pains of getting older. Turns it out was Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea just rapping before the panel. Dullea even called his wife so she could give contact information for a knee doctor to Gary Lockwood. As for the panel itself, it was very informative about the film being made and its slow roll to popularity. Lockwood talked about how hard he pushed for the movie company to focus on the college crowd as 2001 was pretty trippy (apparently, Lockwood was a major party boy back in the 60s).

So far, Dragon Con 2015 was rocking, and I was enjoying myself immensely. Then the wheels came off the bus. I went to get a book autographed by Jim Butcher for a friend of mine who was going through a rough patch. I was able to make the cut but had to spend an hour slowly making my way towards Butcher. To be honest, he and his assistant were extremely efficient and the line moved along nicely. The fact that it took an hour to get there was due to there being so many people wanting autographs. I chatted with ihim briefly about how happy I was that he quoted The Black Hole in one of his Dresden books. He agreed that it’s a solid movie. Needless to say, my feet were beginning to complain to me afterwards.

It was after getting Butcher’s autograph where my rage went to level ten. I checked out the Walk of Fame (the autograph area) and saw that Stephanie Leonidas (Irasa from Defiance) only had about twenty people in her line, so I hopped onto the end in the thought I would be out of there in about a half-hour. The very first guy in line was an old man, and he spent ten minutes talking to her before leaving. I was getting steamed as I consider making people wait while you monopolize an actor or author to be incredibly rude (please see my Convention Etiquette guides on this subject). Other people took as long as fifteen minutes before wandering off. One group of three didn’t even get an autograph as they were just trying to land her as a professional contact for one of them who built props. Needless to say, the other people in line with me were getting as pissed as I was. I don’t blame Stephanie Leonidas (who is extremely tiny!) as she was incredibly nice. I do blame her handler and the Dragon Con volunteer monitoring the line who did nothing. I even talked to the DC volunteer, but they gave me some garbage about not being able to see who was up there. This was utter crap as the volunteer had an unobstructed view of the table and should have kept the line moving. By the time I left the Walk of Fame, my feet were killing me, which did have an impact throughout the weekend.

Dragon Con 2015 : Starbasegeek
However, some good did come out of my ordeal. I watched Jesse Rath (Alak Tarr from the show) interacting with fans while eternity passed in my line, and he was incredibly funny to watch. He had a great sense of humor and was genuinely happy to see the fans. I had not planned on getting his autograph but decided to just because he was such a nice guy. He joked about how happy he was that the writers gave his character a set of balls in the last season instead of being a momma’s boy. I then managed to snag the autographs of both Laura Vandervoort and Greg Bryk from Bitten. Both of them were extremely nice and only had a single person in line for them. Again, I have to say that Laura Vandervoort is tiny as well. Greg Bryk recognized the Cobra logo from my GI Joe hat, so we talked a few minutes about that. (Nobody else was in line, so I wasn’t holding anybody up.) We also talked about his character being a strong father figure on the show, and he said that was one of the reasons why he loved the character. It also turned out that filming on season three for Bitten (which turned out to be the final season) was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, immediately after Dragon Con.

After getting my autographs, I headed back to the hotel room to eat and relax. I ventured back to the Marriott Marquis to watch the Friday Night Costuming Contest. The Atrium was about 3/4 filled as the contest gets more popular every year. The two hosts (I forget their names, but they’re from Face/Off on SyFy) were pretty poor this year, which was surprising as they did a good job last year. It also seemed that the costumes were not as good this year, even though my favorite (a historical Asian warrior from the steppes) did win best of show. I then spent some time taking pictures of cosplayers. I had planned on catching a concert later that night, but my feet were bugging me. So I went back to my hotel room, talked to my brother a bit, and then went to sleep.

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