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The final countdown has begun on Starbasegeek for Dragon Con 2015. The convention is slated to begin just four weeks from today. As I’m writing this post a little bit late, I would be sitting down to watch the main costume contest in the Marriott Atrium at this moment in twenty-eight days from now. I honestly don’t expect any more guest announcements to come from the con organizers, but you never know if someone is sprung on us at the last minute.

Dragon Con Hyatt
Some people have endlessly complained about the guest list for Dragon Con 2015. I can understand if their personal favorite hasn’t shown up, but the beauty of this convention is that there’s such a huge range of guests, from authors to actors to musicians and everything in-between. I think that there’s a good amount of guests at Dragon Con 2015, but then I’m lucky enough to have a wide range of interests so that if one particular show doesn’t show up, I’m not crushed. However, I do understand that it probably gets harder for the convention to get guests as the years go past. Geek conventions have multiplied like an invading virus over the last few years, and a lot of those are put on by good-sized corporations. As Dragon Con is a fan-run convention, I’m sure that it puts them at a disadvantage money-wise when trying to lure actors and such to the con.

When I looked over the Dragon Con 2015 guest list, I could feel my wallet wincing as I was adding up the autographs that I want to get. The reality is that I’ll have to prioritize, plus see who’s actually available when I walk through the Walk of Fame. There are plenty of panels that I’m eager to attend, such as Doctor Who (Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy), Defiance (four actors from the show attending at least), Stargate series, Arrow, The Flash, The Venture Brothers (any time you can see any of the creators of The Venture Brothers, you owe it to yourself to do so), Star Trek (Nichelle Nichols and Jonathan Frakes), Terry Jones (Monty Python), Jim Butcher, Sleepy Hollow, MST3K, and Bitten. There are others, but those are the ones off the top of my head. Plus, I want to check out the Here Come the Mummies concert. Factor in some costume contests and general wandering around while snapping pictures, I’m going to be a pretty busy guy.

The hard part about Dragon Con 2015 being so close is that it totally dominates my mind. I find it harder to focus and get my job done as my mind starts wandering off to the convention. In the few weeks ahead, my brother and I will start planning our trip and talking about the guests (or lack of them, in his opinion). One thing that we won’t do is to look at any schedule. Part of the fun for us is being surprised by what panels are being offered once we get the schedule books while picking up our badges on Thursday afternoon.

To help get you prepped for Dragon Con 2015, I hereby offer the following guides:

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