Aug 142015

August is a bad month for me getting anything done as my mind is wandering off to Dragon Con. The official Dragon Con 2015 countdown has begun, and there’s just three short weeks before I’m sitting in a panel enjoying some great geekery. Preparations are being made as I type this blog entry with a list already printed out of necessary essentials (check out my Convention Planning 101 article for some tips) pinned to my refrigerator. I have yet to get my Progress Report that the convention sends out, even though some people have gotten theirs a few weeks ago. It looks like ol ‘ Jeffprime is getting stiffed this year.

Paul McGann

The main person I wanted an autograph from at Dragon Con 2015, Paul McGann, has cancelled. The convention gods can be cruel and fickle.

One thing I do during my Dragon Con 2015 countdown is to check the guest page for any cancellations as well as figuring out which autographs I want, plus making a priority list. Sadly, I only have a finite amount of cash, so hard choices will have to be made as always. Two decisions have already been made for me as two guests have cancelled that I wanted to see and get their John Hancock. Both Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Paul McGann (Doctor Who) have both cancelled. I’m filled with sadness and rage over this, especially in the light that only four people have cancelled and half of those were ones I wanted to see! Hopefully, there won’t be any more.

On the plus side, I’m looking forward to the Needless Things get-together on Sunday night. I’ve enjoyed that website and podcast immensely, and it’ll be nice to meet those I’ve been talking to on Facebook in person. The other negative news is that I won’t be lighter than I was last year at Dragon Con, but my goal for the following year is to lose enough weight to do some cosplaying for the first time ever.

Are you as hyped as I am during this Dragon Con 2015 countdown?

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