Aug 282015

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost here. Our official Dragon Con 2015 countdown is entering its final week. This is crunch time for many con-goers as they finish up their cosplay outfits, and it’s the same for me as I have to do extra work in advance to cover my time away in Atlanta. That means I’m burning the midnight oil to do a lot of writing, which is more difficult than normal as I find myself surfing to the Dragon Con website or Facebook page on a regular basis.

Venture Bros

My Dragon Con 2015 countdown is actually a few days shorter than the full week until Dragon Con officially begins. I head out on Wednesday to drive up to my sister’s house, where my brother meets me before we go shopping for all the things we need for the trip. We buy a lot of grub and sodas as we bring two large coolers with us so that we don’t have to go shopping or pay outrageous hotel prices for anything. After we buy everything, we pack it away (my brother hides all the junk food so his wife won’t see it and start nagging him!) and then have a spaghetti dinner cooked by my sister. Bright and early Thursday morning, we head out on the road towards Atlanta. We usually get there about 2pm-ish, which allows us to check in early, grab our badges, and then plan our assault on the con. I know a lot of people have their itinerary already planned out before they get to the con, but we love the anticipation of finding everything out the night before. It’s kind of like Christmas for us, an extremely nerdy Christmas, but the sentiment is the same.

Looking over the guest list, I’m still bummed about Paul McGann and Alex Kingston cancelling. However, I’m looking forward to the following panels: Venture Bros., Arrow, The Flash, Warehouse 13, Bitten, and seeing Gil Gerard host a late-night trivia show. Phantom Troublemaker is having the Dirty Dirty Con Con Game Game Show Show, which should be a blast. Then there’s the Needless Things website and podcast get-together on Sunday night. This year is going to be awesome, so my Dragon Con 2015 countdown timer isn’t going fast enough!

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