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Whovians are going into a frenzy now that the second Doctor Who season 9 trailer has dropped. Quite a number of people have written detailed articles on a frame-by-frame examination of the trailer and what anything shown in it could possibly mean for our favorite Time Lord. I have to admit that there’s a lot to digest, and I’m glad that we’re getting some more Daleks and Zygons in the next season. For those of us who have grown weary of the tenure of Steven Moffat, does the new Doctor Who season 9 trailer give us hope?

My absolute blunt answer is an emphatic no. I do admit that I feel a flicker of anticipation for the new season, but with Moffat at the helm, I have zero hope for the new season. He’s been tremendous writing a single story in the past, but he’s gone off the rails with his control of the show. He loves to needlessly complicate plots to look clever and absolutely everything associated with the Doctor has to take on mythic proportions. There’s The Impossible Girl, The Boy Who Waited, the Boneless, a Good Man Goes to War, My Bowel Movement, and so on. It’s like a teenager writing angst-filled poetry late at night in their journal while listening to the Cure. I read a post someone wrote a few days ago where they said that Doctor Who was no longer a sci-fi show but was now a fantasy one, and I have to agree with that assessment. The Doctor has become a wizard that uses his magic wand to magically solve problems and become a creature of myth and legend.

What makes this so especially galling is that I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I love the fact that he’s older (no more need for stupid romance storylines between the Doctor and his companion) and more abrasive. Yet he is utterly wasted with the insipid stories that he’s been given. The only episode I truly enjoyed last season was the Robin Hood one. There were some truly dreadful lows, with the episode about the trees and the one where the moon was an egg. Those made the Horns of Nimon look like Genesis of the Daleks.

Still, my heart beats as a true Whovian. I’ve loved the show since it first aired in the USA back in the late 1970s on NBC, so there’s always been a flicker of hope burning in my breast. The thought of having a season of two-parters and a return to some classic locations and monsters would normally buoy my hopes. But then the thought enters my head that Moffat just wants to rewrite the canon of the past series to cement his massive-ego stamp on the franchise, and that flicker of flame withers and dies. Sadly, seeing the Doctor Who season 9 trailer does not fill me with any hope at all for what’s coming.

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