May 272014

Sadly, I don’t find the following report difficult to believe. It seems that Doctor Who almost ended after David Tennant left the series as well as the then current showrunner Russell T. Davies. The BBC felt that David Tennant had made Doctor Who a national treasure again and that the show couldn’t go on without him in the lead role. All of this was revealed by Steven Moffat at the Hay Literary Festival.

David Tennant
It’s hard to imagine a Doctor Who without Matt Smith’s incredible portrayal, but it almost didn’t happen. The reason why I can believe this rumor is that the BBC is a government entity, not a normal business concern. Just look at how they’ve treated the show in years past. Many original episodes were chucked into a furnace despite the fact that they could have been rebroadcast or sold for profit. (Don’t tell me that television businesses didn’t consider such factors then as many other corporations were saving their shows, such as I Love Lucy or Hopalong Cassidy, and making a fortune off them in syndication.) When the BBC cancelled Doctor Who in 1989, its ratings had dropped in the UK, but it was still the chief moneymaker for the network worldwide. Such a situation normally wouldn’t happen in a normal business environment, but it happens far too often in government circles.

Getting back to Moffat’s remarks, he talks about not wanting to cast another young actor as the Doctor. In the end though, he realized that when Matt Smith walked in and they knew that they had their man…or alien.

  4 Responses to “Doctor Who Almost Ended with David Tennant”

  1. The Tardis = : (

  2. My theory is it’s dark sorcery perpetrated by none other than the Black Guardian himself! But good always prevails over evil especially when you have a nice tankard of dwarven ale and your trusyt axe!

    Grum is not dum!

  3. These men of the BBC are mindless and chaotic jesters to be sure! High jesters of Jubilex and Azagthoth! Playing their tuneless pipes to the blind idiot god and spewing their chaos across the cosmos! Jesters too insane even for me! Hee hee! Ho ho! Ha ha!

    ‘The jester is an annoying fellow…’

  4. Tom Baker was the best Doctor ever. Matt Smith doesnt deserve to be in his shadow.

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