Jul 052014

Sleestak cosplay

Our cosplay pic of the day are a horde of Sleestak from the Land of the Lost tv series. The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2011. Click on the post to view the full image. Who doesn’t love the Sleestak? They were the best part of Land of the Lost. I can’t wait this year for Dragon Con as they’re having the actors who played the two kids on the show there. Sleestak attack! 🙂

  One Response to “Cosplay Pic of the Day”

  1. They just look like nasty lizard men to me! Watch out or they’ll drag you down to there subterranean lairr and make a pot of soup out of you! But I’ll be okay as long as I have a nice tankard of dwarven ale and my trusty axe!

    Grum is not dum!

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