Jun 252014

Starbasegeek.com cosplay pic of the day

Our cosplay pic of the day is a collection of felines from the Broadway musical, Cats. The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2013. Click on the post to view the full image. It’s not too often you see characters from plays or musicals being portrayed at cons, so this makes for a refreshing change of pace. Now I have some of those songs from the play stuck in my head due to a roommate in the past being obsessed with the play.

  One Response to “Cosplay Pic of the Day”

  1. I love hairy pussy cats! The more hairy pussy cats the better! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hairy pussy cat! Boy I sure do miss hairy pussy cats! Where’s my tankard of dwarven ale?!

    Grum is not dum!

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