Jun 022014

Starbasegeek.com cosplay pic of the day

Our cosplay pic of the day is Neytiri of the Na’vi from Avatar by James Cameron. The picture was taken at Dragon Con 2012. Click on the post to view the full image. A truly outstanding bit of cosplay that made me think nature was getting ready to attack me.

  4 Responses to “Cosplay Pic of the Day”

  1. You know what this picture needs?! More jesters! Lots and lots of jesters! Fuzzy blue and striped pussy cat jesters! That looks like my cat after she drank my mystery potion! Hee hee! Ho ho! Ha ha!

    ‘The jester is an annoying fellow…’

  2. Put a beard on this fury lass and she’s perfect for me! Especially if I have a nice tankard of dwarven ale and my trusty axe!

    Grum is not dum!

  3. She be fuzzy Andorian! Me fuzzy too! Feel me fuzzy lumps! Me so pretty! Me big star now!

    No kill I!

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