Mar 242014

I definitely need to set my DVR for this. On April 3rd, Community is going to do a GI Joe episode. Entertainment Weekly has released some images from the all-animated episode. Fans of the cartoon series from the 1980s should have a blast with this one. I must confess that I’ve only seen a few episodes of Community, such as the gang playing Dungeons and Dragons, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen. The problem for me is that there’s so many shows I like to watch that I just don’t have the time.

Community GI Joe episode
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive Chris McKenna says, “[G.I. Joe] was something from our childhood that was very important to us and we had fond memories of it, and we thought it would be a cool way to do another animated episode. Like all Community episodes, it takes on a certain style. This one has a very specific story reason for it. I don’t want to give too much away, but our characters find themselves on a Wizard of Oz-type journey through the world of G.I. Joe. … There’s a mystery that Jeff in particular has to get to the bottom of.”

The cast of Community will have their own codenames. Jeff is Wingman, Annie is Tight Ship, Britta is BuzzKill, and Shirley is Three Kids. This should be a fun episode. I’m a huge fan of GI Joe (especially Cobra!) and collected the action figures and the comic books. I still have the bulk of my GI Joes to this day.  Perhaps I’ll perch Wild Weasel on my should while I watch Community that night on NBC to pay homage to America’s fighting force for freedom. 🙂 Yo Joe!

You can read the Entertainment Weekly article here.

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