Jun 102015

One of the most discussed and hated bits about the special edition of Star Wars is where George Lucas changed the scene where Han Solo killed Greedo in the cantina. As someone who saw the original movie during it’s initial theatrical run in 1977, I can say that this scene was pivotal in showing that Han Solo was a bad-ass and someone not to trifle with. It’s this dangerous exterior that makes it all the more compelling when you realize that he has a heart of gold underneath. When Lucas changed it to have Greedo shoot first, it changed the whole dynamic of the character. The fan rage over that change continues to this day, and rightly so. Now we have definite proof that Han shot first due to the official Chewbacca script owned by Peter Mayhew.

Peter Mayhew script
The discussion of whether Han shot first came alive yesterday when a 1976 script for Star Wars was revealed by the University of New Brunswick that showed Han shooting first. To corroborate that script, Peter Mayhew posted an image of his official Chewbacca script on Facebook verifying that, indeed, Han shot first and Greedo not at all. (It’s interesting to note that the script shows Greedo as Allen). Mayhew writes, “This should settle the original story of ‘who shot first.’ After all these years, it still feels like I’m leaking a story line.”

Hopefully, Peter Mayhew won’t be cut off from attending any future Star Wars conventions due to his showing that George Lucas made the change by overriding what he had written originally. The reason why I point this out is that it seems that Lucas can be very petty to those that he considers to have crossed him in some minor way. I was attending a David Prowse panel at Dragon Con a few years ago, and he was asked why we was no longer attending the Star Wars Celebration conventions. His answer is that Lucas had banned him, and that he had no idea why. He was pretty saddened by the situation and asked attendees to ask Lucas why if they ever got the chance. As for Han shooting first, that was always a given in my book. We now have confirmation from multiple sources, and the official Chewbacca script owned by Peter Mayhew can’t be wrong. Who wants their arms ripped off for disagreeing with a Wookiee?

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