May 112015
Doctor Who Materializing in Lego Dimensions

The upcoming Lego Dimensions game is getting a lot of press, especially with the recent expansion packs that have been announced. This game, slated for a September release, is going to go head-to-head with Disney’s Infinity system in a battle for your wallet. Grabbing sci-fi fans’ attention was the announcement today that there was going [Read more…]

Jun 112014
Batman Arkham Knight Trailer features Awesome Batmobile Gameplay

The latest Batman Arkham Knight trailer has been released for E3 and it looks amazing. It apparently is actual gameplay footage (take that with a grain of salt) and shows Batman gliding around Gotham, getting into fights, and some sweet Batmobile action. Apparently, Ol’ Bats has suped-up the Batmobile so it can go into Battle [Read more…]

Apr 192014
Batman: Assault on Arkham Trailer features Suicide Squad

Sometimes good things come to those who wait. In the latest Batman: Assault on Arkham trailer by WB Animation, we get to see the awesome Suicide Squad. The premise for this new animated movie is based upon The Joker planning to destroy Gotham with a dirty bomb. The film will be released in at the [Read more…]

Apr 102014
Lucas Killed Darth Maul Videogame

For those outside the videogame industry, the twists and turns that affect a game’s development are usually never seen or heard about. Sometimes a radical change in direction can spell a game’s doom and this happened as George Lucas killed a Darth Maul videogame. For eight months, Red Fly Studio and LucasArts worked on a [Read more…]

Apr 092014
You Can Play as Claptrap in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The next Borderlands game will not be a direct sequel to Borderlands 2. In fact, it goes back in time where you can see Honest Jack rise in power. Gearbox and 2K Australia have teamed up for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This game takes place on the moon where players have to deal with low gravity. [Read more…]