Apr 252014
Friday the 13th Series Coming

From what I’ve read, the upcoming Friday the 13th series that’s being developed sounds like it can be truly awful. According to Deadline, “The series is contemporary, focusing on the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.” Wow. [Read more…]

Apr 242014
Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

I was surprised to see last weekend the fact that it’s been three years since Elisabeth Sladen passed away. It doesn’t feel like that it has been that long, but I suppose it has. I remember hearing about it when it happened and then calling my brother, who was a huge fan of hers. We [Read more…]

Apr 232014
British Pathe Showcases Classic Doctor Who

I’m one of those people who enjoy watching old newsreels and documentaries of times and people long gone by. These images capture a specific time and place that we’re able to view decades later at our leisure. One of the treats is seeing our favorite personalities long before they became famous, and in our case, [Read more…]

Apr 192014
Hayden Panettiere Not Returning to Heroes: Reborn

So far, no cast announcements have been made for the new Heroes series coming to NBC in 2015. Heroes: Reborn will be a 13 episode series, and it was revealed today that the central character of the original show, cheerleader Claire Bennet, has not been asked to join the new series. Hayden Panettiere was quoted [Read more…]

Apr 102014
Charmed Gets Tenth Season as a Comic Book

There’s one great medium where a show canĀ  never die, comic books. Many a geek’s favorite show went on to survive in comic book form after the original show was cancelled. This happened with Star Trek, and more recently with Buffy and Angel. Now you can add Charmed to that list. The Halliwell sisters (Piper, [Read more…]