Feb 222014
Toy Hunter Recap - Star Wars at NYC Comic Con

My DVR always ensures that I don’t miss an episode of one of my favorite series, Toy Hunter. Watching Jordon and company scour the US for toys and collectables is both enjoyable and nostalgic for me. My brother and I usually compare notes after each episode as we discuss the toys featured. The latest episode [Read more…]

Feb 132014
Sixth Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Coming to Netflix

In news that should get most Star Wars fans excited, a sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Netflix. While Cartoon Network cancelled the show after five seasons, Disney has made an agreement with Netflix for a sixth, and final, season. In addition, the previous five years will be available for [Read more…]

Feb 042014
The Empire Loses an Admiral as Star Wars Actor Dies

The Empire lost another admiral today as it is reported that Richard LeParmentier passed away today at the age of 66. Star Wars fans know him as the unfortunate Imperial officer, Admiral Motti, that invoked Darth Vader’s wrath in the original movie. It is he who taunts Vader with about his, “sad devotion to that [Read more…]