May 052014
Star Wars Cantina Band Auditions Video

College Humor got the incredible chance of getting to work on the Star Wars cantina set courtesy of Disney and Lucasfilm, and the results are hilarious. They assembled an extremely talented group of musicians to audition for the cantina band. The musicians are Chris Daughtry, Ben Folds, Lis Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, [Read more…]

May 022014
Great Documentary on Star Wars Creatures Creator Phil Tippett

If you’re a fan of Star Wars (and who isn’t?), then you should take seven and a half minutes and sit down to watch a quick documentary. The feature looks at the work of Phil Tippett, a visual effects pioneer, that created many of the famous Star Wars creatures that we geeks know and love. [Read more…]

Apr 292014
Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

We’ve finally got some firm news about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII cast. After many months of constant speculation and wish lists by die-hard fans, J.J. Abrams has confirmed the cast for the new film. It seems that we’ll have a blend of both the old and the new. Returning are Mark Hamill, Carrie [Read more…]

Apr 102014
Lucas Killed Darth Maul Videogame

For those outside the videogame industry, the twists and turns that affect a game’s development are usually never seen or heard about. Sometimes a radical change in direction can spell a game’s doom and this happened as George Lucas killed a Darth Maul videogame. For eight months, Red Fly Studio and LucasArts worked on a [Read more…]

Mar 072014
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Launches on Netflix Today

Starting today, Star Wars: The Clone Wars launches on Netflix. Not only will viewers get to see the previous five seasons of the show but a new sixth season as well. Netflix subscribers will also be able to watch director’s cut versions of older episodes. It’ll be interesting to see what had been trimmed from [Read more…]

Mar 042014
Billy Dee Williams Joins Dancing With The Stars

It has been announced that Billy Dee Williams is joining the latest season of Dancing With The Stars. Yep, ol’ Lando Calrissian himself will be strutting his dance moves on ABC. I wonder if ABC will do any promotional tie-ins with the upcoming Star Wars movie as that ABC, through Disney, owns the Star Wars [Read more…]