Jun 192014
Karl Urban Added to Dragon Con Lineup

It just seems that the Dragon Con lineup for 2014 just gets better and better. Just a couple of months ago, I was not terribly excited over the list of the guests that would be attending the con in late August. Yet, I wasn’t disheartened as I know that the last few months before the [Read more…]

Jun 182014
Brent Spiner Discusses Cats and Star Trek: TNG

There’s an old adage in Hollywood to never work with children or animals. This is made evident by the video below where Brent Spiner discusses who the worst actor was that he ever worked with while filming Star Trek: The Next Generation. Take a gander and see what he’s talking about below. I always love [Read more…]

Jun 102014
A Salute to Star Trek Engineers

We’re all aware of the running joke that the worst job in Starfleet is to wear the infamous red shirt. In many episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, you knew who the first manĀ  on the landing party that was going to bite the dust as soon as you saw a man wearing a [Read more…]

Jun 102014
Star Trek Destination 3 Announces Lineup

The Star Trek Destination 3 lineup was announced recently as tickets for the event went on sale. Star Trek fans will be in a dither with the amazing amount of Star Trek alumni that will be coming to the London-based event. Destination 3 will happen from October 3rd through the 5th. The major stars headlining [Read more…]

Apr 182014
Malcolm McDowell Talks About  Not Wanting To Do Star Trek

Malcolm McDowell was part of a Q&A held by the Alex Theatre and Glendale Arts Prospect House Entertainment as they screened three of his films: A Clockwork Orange, Time After Time, and Star Trek: Generations. He talked quite a bit to moderator Michael Dorn (Worf from ST:TNG) about working on a Star Trek film. McDowell [Read more…]

Mar 102014
Things I Miss About Star Trek: The Original Series

Like many geeks of my generation, I grew up watching a steady diet of Star Trek on syndication. (This was long before it was renamed Star Trek: The Original Series.) It was the one constant sci-fi show that you could readily find, no matter what tv market you lived in. Star Trek had the luxury [Read more…]