May 272015
Not All Geeks Are The Same

An interesting thing happened a few years ago at a Dragon Panel I was attending. The purpose of the panel was to essentially chew out the SyFy channel over their numerous shortcomings, especially how they viewed their target audience. It was a fun panel with people in the crowd giving their two cents. I particularly [Read more…]

Apr 222015
They Should Rename Me-TV as Geek-TV

I admit that I’m a huge fan of retro programming. While there are a lot of great shows on today, there’s just something about older shows that take me back to my childhood. Besides the nostalgia factor, I also enjoy that each episode of most classic TV shows were self-contained. You can pick up and [Read more…]

Mar 182015
Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Just like every other Star Trek fan around the world, the news that Leonard Nimoy had died hit me hard. I grew up watching Star Trek in syndication and actually remember the animated series. While Doctor Who became my favorite sci-fi show of all time (the classic series), Star Trek: The Original Series is my [Read more…]