Feb 272014
Starlog Available at the Internet Archive

In a boon for sci-fi fans, issues of the Starlog magazine can be found at the Internet Archive. For us older fans, Starlog was the magazine that catered to geeks long before it became cool to do so. It specialized in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and kept readers abreast of the latest news of ongoing [Read more…]

Feb 252014
Helix Impressions So Far

I’ve been watching the SyFy series Helix since it started, and I have to admit that I’m still on the fence over the show. For those not familiar with the show, a team of scientists from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are asked to go to a facility in the Arctic to combat a [Read more…]

Feb 242014
Farscape Sequel Announced

As a fan who loved Farscape when it originally aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy), I’m happy to hear that a Farscape sequel is in the works. If.com just had a story where Justin Monjo, an Australian screenwriter and producer, is working on a Farscape screenplay. (Also, Monjo wrote a number of episodes for [Read more…]

Feb 222014
Toy Hunter Recap - Star Wars at NYC Comic Con

My DVR always ensures that I don’t miss an episode of one of my favorite series, Toy Hunter. Watching Jordon and company scour the US for toys and collectables is both enjoyable and nostalgic for me. My brother and I usually compare notes after each episode as we discuss the toys featured. The latest episode [Read more…]

Feb 172014
Meeting John Levene - Sergeant Benton from Doctor Who

One of main reasons why I go to Dragon-Con is to see actors that starred on the tv shows and the movies of my youth. As that I’m an insane Doctor Who fan, I always make sure to catch any panels that have people from the show. While I do like the new series, I’m [Read more…]

Feb 132014
Sixth Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Coming to Netflix

In news that should get most Star Wars fans excited, a sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Netflix. While Cartoon Network cancelled the show after five seasons, Disney has made an agreement with Netflix for a sixth, and final, season. In addition, the previous five years will be available for [Read more…]