Feb 052014
Great Thor: The Dark World Gag Reel

A full gag reel for Thor: The Dark World is making the rounds on the internet, and I do have to say that it’s pretty good. Some good bits are Chris Hemsworth (Thor) having cape issues and Natalie Portman getting all slap-happy. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) gets in the act as well. It looks like they [Read more…]

Feb 042014
The Empire Loses an Admiral as Star Wars Actor Dies

The Empire lost another admiral today as it is reported that Richard LeParmentier passed away today at the age of 66. Star Wars fans know him as the unfortunate Imperial officer, Admiral Motti, that invoked Darth Vader’s wrath in the original movie. It is he who taunts Vader with about his, “sad devotion to that [Read more…]