Mar 212014
Marvel Movies Release Dates Announced

The release dates for several movies based upon Marvel comics were announced today by 20th Century Fox. Overall, there’s a slew of new releases coming at us in the next few years ranging from X-Men to the Fantastic Four. X-Men: Days of Future Past will be arriving in May of this year. Wolverine 3 has [Read more…]

Mar 202014
Crytek Announces Royalty-Free CryEngine Subscription

One of the biggest hurdles facing video game developers is the underlying engine. Large companies spend years and tens of millions of dollars to create one, which is something that an indie developer cannot do. However, developers can have a subscription to an engine, and that particular section of gaming is heating up. Epic has [Read more…]

Mar 192014
Is RiffTrax Coming to TV?

I don’t know if this is a hoax or not, but reports have come out that RiffTrax will be coming back to tv on April 1st. As you know, RiffTrax is composed of a number of alumni from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett). Since they decided to do release [Read more…]

Mar 182014
New Infinite Crisis Trailer Released

The latest trailer for Turbine’s DC Comics based moba game, Infinite Crisis, has been released. It’s quite a doozy and almost makes me want to sign up and start playing. The Infinite Crisis trailer asks “what do you fight for?” as we get to see superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and [Read more…]