May 282014
Nerdist Video Has Patton Oswalt as General Zod's Lawyer

One thing that I love about geek culture is our ability to laugh at ourselves and also at the things that we love. Even though we may watch a tv show or a movie multiple times, we can still lovingly mock it or satirize it without destroying our appreciation of it. A recent example of [Read more…]

May 272014
Doctor Who Almost Ended with David Tennant

Sadly, I don’t find the following report difficult to believe. It seems that Doctor Who almost ended after David Tennant left the series as well as the then current showrunner Russell T. Davies. The BBC felt that David Tennant had made Doctor Who a national treasure again and that the show couldn’t go on without [Read more…]

May 272014
The Wil Wheaton Project and New Season of Heroes of Cosplay Tonight on SyFy

The new season of Heroes of Cosplay as well as the debut of The Wil Wheaton Project are debuting tonight on SyFy. I’m getting the DVR fired up as well as popping some popcorn to see how the two shows will pan out. I must admit that I’m looking more forward to Heroes of Cosplay [Read more…]

May 262014
Fan Made Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Looks Amazing

When late last week it was announced throughout the web that the BBC had released a teaser trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, I was excited. Needless to say, that excitement quickly passed faster than a Dalek’s attempt to understand the concept of humor or sharing. The official trailer had only one redeeming [Read more…]

May 232014
Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man

In a stunning move, director Edgar Wright has left the production of Ant-Man. It seems that he left the movie due to creative issues with Marvel. Personally, I find this ominous as Edgar Wright co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish. It does appear that Marvel isn’t too concerned as they have come out and said [Read more…]

May 232014
X-Men: Days of Future Past Opens Big

In no surprise, X-Men: Days of Future Past opened big Thursday night. The latest X-Men movie took in $8.1 million in Thursday night showings, While some will point out that Godzilla took in $9.3 last Thursday, you have to remember that Godzilla had two screenings on Thursday night as opposed to just one for X-Men; [Read more…]