May 152014
Classic Horror: The Haunted Palace Review (1963)

What do you get when you mix together Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Roger Corman, and Vincent Price? Well, you get Corman’s 1963 horror film, The Haunted Palace. While this film is considered one of the Poe films by Roger Corman featuring Vincent Price, the actual story is based upon The Case of Charles Dexter [Read more…]

May 132014
H.R. Giger Dead at Age 74

There are many different people that have an impact upon sci-fi culture. Some are actors, while others are producers, directors, or writers that create the works that we love so much. However, art is one area that many people don’t automatically think of when considering moving and shaping the forces of science fiction, but it [Read more…]

May 122014
NBC Releases Official Constantine Trailer

Hellblazer was a truly groundbreaking comic when it was first published way back in the 1980s by DC Comics. Instead of the normal spandex-clad superhero that fought for justice, we got an obnoxious occultist that seemed to almost revel in the seamy world he inhabited. John Constantine was a chain-smoking, arrogant bastard that would flip [Read more…]

May 082014
Classic Horror: White Zombie Review (1932)

Bela Lugosi made movie and horror history with his portrayal of Dracula, but he also made history in another way. What few horror fans know is that Bela Lugosi starred in the first zombie movie ever made, White Zombie. Filmed and released in 1932, the movie was a profitable one when released but had not [Read more…]