Mar 052014
Call of Cthulhu and the Total Party Kill (TPK)

I’ve been a roleplayer for over thirty years, starting way back in 1981 with Star Frontiers. However, there was one game that quickly caught my group’s fancy and we began to play on a semi-regular basis, Call of Cthulhu. As you know, this game was published by Chaosium and is based upon the works of [Read more…]

Mar 032014
Games Top of Kickstarter Funding

Kickstarter has announced that they’ve reached over a billion dollars of funding with thousands of projects. The largest slice of the funding pie went to games, both digital and non-digital. Overall, this is tremendous news and is a significant boon to gamers. The funding for games has increased every year on Kickstarter. 2009 – $48,190 [Read more…]

Feb 122014
DDO Brings Ed Greenwood's Haunted Halls of Eveningstar

Dungeons and Dragons Online is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons later this year. As hard it is to believe, it has been 40 years since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson launched the role-playing juggernaut that has shaped geek culture ever since. In the upcoming Update 21 for DDO, Turbine is bringing the [Read more…]

Feb 112014
All Flesh Must Be Eaten - RIP, Mr. Jacobs

I fear I must deliver sad tidings and report that Mr. Jacobs has perished. What’s that? Who’s Mr. Jacobs you ask? Well, the quick answer is that Mr. Jacobs was the main npc in my friend’s All Flesh Must Be Eaten Campaign. If you haven’t played it, it’s a great rpg designed around the zombie [Read more…]