Apr 172014
Anomaly Trailer Features Doctor Who Companion Noel Clarke

When Noel Clarke was a companion on Doctor Who, I admit that I wasn’t a big fan of his character, Mickey. He seemed to be too cowardly and wimpy, and I can still remember my disgust in the pilot episode of the reboot where he whimpered and clung to Rose Tyler like a hysterical baby. [Read more…]

Mar 312014
Doctor Who Actress Kate O'Mara Passes

Sad news for Doctor Who fans as we’ve found out that actress Kate O’Mara has passed away at the age of 74. Those fans who are only familiar with the new series should make the effort and catch her two serials where she played The Rani. Her character was a Time Lord like the Doctor [Read more…]

Feb 172014
Meeting John Levene - Sergeant Benton from Doctor Who

One of main reasons why I go to Dragon-Con is to see actors that starred on the tv shows and the movies of my youth. As that I’m an insane Doctor Who fan, I always make sure to catch any panels that have people from the show. While I do like the new series, I’m [Read more…]