May 272014
Doctor Who Almost Ended with David Tennant

Sadly, I don’t find the following report difficult to believe. It seems that Doctor Who almost ended after David Tennant left the series as well as the then current showrunner Russell T. Davies. The BBC felt that David Tennant had made Doctor Who a national treasure again and that the show couldn’t go on without [Read more…]

May 262014
Fan Made Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Looks Amazing

When late last week it was announced throughout the web that the BBC had released a teaser trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, I was excited. Needless to say, that excitement quickly passed faster than a Dalek’s attempt to understand the concept of humor or sharing. The official trailer had only one redeeming [Read more…]

May 132014
Colin Baker Coming to Dragon Con

My afternoon perked up mightily yesterday when I saw the news that Colin Baker was coming to this year’s Dragon Con. This will make the third Doctor to grace the convention as in years past, I’ve been fortunate enough to see both Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davison. While his tenure on the classic Doctor Who [Read more…]

May 122014
Doctor Who to Revisit Planet of Fire

The BBC has announced a casting for a Doctor Who season eight story. Hermione Norris will be appearing in an episode that harkens back to a Peter Davidson story from 1984, Planet of Fire. The episode is written by Peter Harness, and Steven Moffat has dropped this bit of knowledge, “It’s a testament to the [Read more…]

Apr 242014
Remembering Elisabeth Sladen

I was surprised to see last weekend the fact that it’s been three years since Elisabeth Sladen passed away. It doesn’t feel like that it has been that long, but I suppose it has. I remember hearing about it when it happened and then calling my brother, who was a huge fan of hers. We [Read more…]

Apr 232014
British Pathe Showcases Classic Doctor Who

I’m one of those people who enjoy watching old newsreels and documentaries of times and people long gone by. These images capture a specific time and place that we’re able to view decades later at our leisure. One of the treats is seeing our favorite personalities long before they became famous, and in our case, [Read more…]